Embraer and CAE inaugurate


Embraer and CAE inaugurate Asia Pacific’s first E-Jets E2 full flight simulator in Singapore

The CAE 7000XR Series simulator is part of a comprehensive CBTA pilot training program

Embraer (NYSE: ERJ; B3: EMBR3) and CAE (NYSE: CAE; TSX: CAE) today officially inaugurated the Asia Pacific (APAC) region’s first E-Jets E2 full flight simulator (FFS) in Singapore. E-Jets E2 training is the latest program offered by the recently expanded Embraer CAE Training Services (ECTS) joint venture. The E2 training program will feature CAE’s competency-based training assessment (CBTA) courseware, interactive classroom instruction with the CAE Simfinity virtual simulator (VSIM), and immersive practical training in a new state-of-the-art CAE 7000XR Series FFS. The FFS is located at the Singapore-CAE Flight Training Centre near Changi Airport and will support E2 operators in the region.

Pilots from Singapore Airlines’ subsidiary, Scoot, have already begun their training in preparation of the Embraer E190-E2 aircraft’s entry into service with the airline later this year. Scoot pilots will experience all aspects of flight in CAE’s latest generation FFS and practice multiple scenarios to enhance their skills and preparedness ahead of the aircraft’s first revenue flights.

“We celebrate the successful operations of the E2 simulator and comprehensive pilot training program and thank all our partners and employees who have been involved in this process,” says Carlos Naufel, President & CEO of Embraer Services & Support. “This is part of Embraer’s commitment to grow our infrastructure in Asia Pacific and to contribute to the region’s aviation growth story. Along with CAE, we remain committed to providing high-quality training to our customers and their pilots.”

“The start of training and the official inauguration of the first state-of-the-art E2 full flight simulator in the Asia Pacific region is a significant milestone in the growth and success of Embraer-CAE Flight Training,” said Michel Azar-Hmouda, CAE’s Division President, Civil Aviation Training. “Technology is at the core of the new E2 program, with CAE’s VSIM, CBTA courseware and latest-generation FFS preparing pilots for the entry-into-service and safe operation of the E2 in the APAC Region.”

“Embraer and CAE’s launch of the E-Jets E2 full-flight simulator in Singapore is the first of its kind in Asia Pacific. Not only does it add to the suite of aftermarket services in Singapore, it is a valuable addition to the region’s aerospace and aviation ecosystem. We look forward to collaborating with industry partners to build capabilities that fuel the growth in APAC and enhance the skills of aerospace and aviation talent in the region, from Singapore,” said Ms Elaine Teo, Senior Vice President, Global Enterprises Division, Singapore Economic Development Board.

The simulator was certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore in December 2023.

Complementing the E2 full flight simulator are classroom sessions that include interactive touch screen training that accelerates learning. The VSIM, a powerful familiarization and practice tool for pilot training that provides access to all the aircraft’s systems, is a significant enhancement to typical commercial pilot training. The VSIM can be used to simulate all manner of system functions by an instructor as a classroom and briefing tool, as well as by pilots for familiarization and individualized training.

ECTS’ training solutions are a core offering of the Embraer Services & Support platform. The platform assembles the entire portfolio of products and solutions to deliver the best services and support experience and leverages the after-sales business to intensify its presence and enhance support on a day-to-day basis, generating more value for customers.

The ECTS full flight simulator information highlights:

·      Model: CAE 7000XR Series

·      Visual system: CAE Tropos™ 6000XR

About Embraer

Embraer is a global company headquartered in Brazil with businesses in commercial and executive aviation, and defense & security. The company designs, develops, manufactures, and markets aircraft and systems, providing customer support and services.

Since it was founded in 1969, Embraer has delivered more than 8,000 aircraft. About every 10 seconds, an aircraft manufactured by Embraer takes off somewhere in the world, transporting over 145 million passengers a year.

Embraer is the leading manufacturer of commercial jets up to 150 seats. The company maintains industrial units, offices, service and parts distribution centers, among other activities, across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe.

About CAE

At CAE, we equip people in critical roles with the expertise and solutions to create a safer world. As a technology company, we digitalize the physical world, deploying software-based simulation training and critical operations support solutions. Above all else, we empower pilots, cabin crew, airlines, and defence and security forces to perform at their best every day and when the stakes are the highest. Around the globe, we’re everywhere customers need us to be with more than 13,000 employees in approximately 250 sites and training locations in over 40 countries. CAE represents more than 75 years of industry firsts—the highest-fidelity flight and mission simulators as well as training programs powered by digital technologies. We embed sustainability in everything we do. Today and tomorrow, we’ll make sure our customers are ready for the moments that matter.

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