Emirates as aerBlade by Aerospace Group


Aerospace Technologies Group has secured Emirates, the world’s largest international airline.

As launch customer for its aerBlade™ window shade to be installed in the airline’s upcoming Airbus A350 and Boeing 777X fleet.

Emirates A350 enters service in 2024, the aerBlade™ dual blind system will be available in Business and Premium Economy Class and the aerBlade single blind systems will make a debut in Economy Class.

Emirates was the first airline in the industry to introduce electric window shades when it launched the A380.

With its A350 and B777X fleet, it will expand the premium electric shades experience to new cabins.

“We are proud to build upon our long-standing relationship with Emirates and have them as our launch customer for the innovative aerBlade™ window shade,” said Mario Ceste, CEO of Aerospace Technologies Group.

“The Emirates aerBlade™ product will feature the signature touches that Emirates has established in its cabin and will set new standards for appearance and convenience in Economy seating in a manner passengers have never before experienced.”

ATG’s aerBlade™ is an electronically operated window shade system allowing passenger control from clear-to-sun blocking-to-full blackout with the touch of a button.

Crew members can automatically lower and raise all window shades on the aircraft from their own panel, eliminating traveling through the cabin during take-off and landing.

Offering true blackout during overnight flights, the electronically operated shade is a flat material which offers aircraft owners and operators the opportunity to customize the finish to match their cabin environment.

The inboard passenger side has a protective clear lens making it easy to clean and keep germ free.

The dual shade aerBlade™ version includes a second shade which is uniquely tinted that allows passengers to block the bright sunlight and still retain views outside the aircraft.

The combination of opaque and translucent shades overcome the deficiencies of electronic dimmable windows such as lack of a true blackout, mirrorlike reflective glare in the cabin and the inability to maintain either dark or clear when powerless.

The aerBlade™ with the opaque shade lowered is full blackout, without the “black hole” effect and a beautiful cosmetic appearance.

The tinted translucent shade can be positioned from partial to full sun blocking.

Equipped with ATG’s NextGen electronic controls, aerBlade™ provides IoT functionality and connectivity to on-board maintenance and cabin management systems enabling the transfer of performance metrics, remote diagnostics, and programming updates without removing the shade from the aircraft.

The advanced electronic controls feature self-learning algorithms and sensor-less control to extend the shade life and provide the quietest operation. aerBlade ™ can be configured to be removable and serviceable from the inside of the cabin without detaching the aircraft sidewall.

Some versions can be easily retrofitted onto aircraft sidewalls without any cuts or sidewall modifications and mounted in place of the existing manual shade in minutes.

ATG plans to offer future models of aerBlade ™ for a wide range of commercial aircraft including the Airbus A330, A321LR and A321XLR. A version for the Boeing 777-9 (777X) will be released in the third quarter of 2024.

Today, ATG electric window shades can be found on small, mid, and large cabin business jets as well as Boeing 777-300ER, A380, and A350 aircraft in the premium class seating areas of the more discerning carriers.